8 days of Flores Trip

Summary of Flores trip, April 30th – May 8th 2016. It is really just a summary, it has been a few months and i forgot the detail 🙂

April 30th

Jakarta – Denpasar, by Air Asia flight on 5.20 – 08.00. Breakfast at Ngurah Rai airport, it was IDR 65k (quite expensive just for rice, egg, pare, and “sambal Bali” – i love the sambal though).

Denpasar – Labuan Bajo, by Kalstar flight on 10.30 – 11.30.

At Labuan Bajo, we had lunch at Warung Mama, it was IDR 26k (rice, bakwan, labu, “sambal Flores”). Then we hanged out in some coffee shop nearby Warung Mama, i forgot the name of the coffee shop, but the place is cozy enough, quite recommended, i ordered butter beer frappe (not recommended to drink this on full stomach). I saw a small book display in the shop, available for exchange, nice idea.

Dinner at Kampung Ujung (fresh seafood served), it is semi outdoor place.

May 1st – 3rd ( 3 days, 2 nights)

We spent 6 millions (IDR) to rent wooden boat (“Kapal Klotok”) for sailing trip. Day 1: Labuan Bajo to Kanawa Island & Gili Lawa. Snorkeling at Kanawa Island was fun. At Gili Lawa, we trekked to see the sunset (well, not truly we, it was only my friends, i waited on the boat due to knee problem). Day 2: Sailing to Pink Beach for snorkeling, the sands have red grains, that is why they name it Pink Beach. After that, we sailed to Padar Island, this is where people do another trekking to see 3 lakes from up above the island. It is not really lake though, it is kind of trapped sea water, and it is one of favorite location to take photo. Day 3: Sailed to Rincah Island (Loh Buaya) to see Komodo. We spent 240.000 IDR to pay a ranger, and we were sorry for that. Because, we only see the Komodos at the starting point of trekking route (and we dont need any ranger to guide us for that, come on). After the starting point, we walk for a few KMs just to burn our skin, without any Komodo, animal, or any interesting view. Thank God we choose Short Trekking route only.

May 3rd – evening.

Back to Labuan Bajo to continue land trip, we rent a car for 700.000 IDR/day, driver and gas included. We rode to Dintor, a closest village to spend a night before we trek to Wae Rebo village the next morning. We spent the night at Mr.Martin home stay. Be careful, the chili sauce served (“Sambal Lombok”) is super spicy, for me: i love it.

May 4th

Trekking to Wae Rebo until noon (around 5 KM, incline trekking, not too heavy though). We spent the evening at Wae Rebo, again the Sambal is super spicy. Locals here are selling traditional hand made cloth for souvenir. At night, we slept inside Wae Rebo traditional big house. A house may be used up to 50 guests. For locals, a house may have more than 5 families live in it.

May 5th

Trekked down from Wae Rebo, lunch served at Mr.Martin home stay, then we continue the land trip to Bajawa (just for transit), nothing really special to see here. Oh, on the way to Bajawa, we bought “Tuak” (or “Sophie” for the red one), traditional drinking with alcohol in it. It is easy to find on the way to Bajawa, just ask for your guide/driver, they must know it, locals sell them like gasoline in front of their houses, put them in plastic bottles. At Bajawa, we spent the night at Edelweis home stay.

May 6th

Continue land trip to Ende, Moni Village. We stayed at Estevania Lodge. The owner also selling some traditional clothes, similar to the one we saw at Wae Rebo, only with different design and quality.

May 7th

Trekking before sunrise to Kelimutu Lake (3 colors lake). The trekking was easy, the temperature is not too low. We could not capture all of the 3 lakes, because we only have regular camera. You’ll need a drone camera in order to capture all the 3 lakes (or maybe a quite long “Tongsis” and you have to stand at the very top of the stairs at the location). From Kelimutu, we headed back to home stay to pack things. We flew to Kupang, stayed at Neo El Tari hotel.

May 8th

At Kupang, we bought some traditional “Sambal”, Lombok cuisine. It taste unique, a bit sour and spicy enough, and i really like the flavor. It is suitable combined with pork or any kind of steak. At the afternoon, we flew back to Jakarta. End of trip. It was a nice, long, tiring, and wonderful trip at the same time, just like a life 🙂

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