How to Reset Factory Default – Lava Iris 702 Smartphone

Warning: This is a DIWYOR article.

It is a common problem for someone to forgot their pin/lock/password pattern on android phone. As you may already know, the solution for this is to reset the phone into factory default from android recovery menu or factory mode (which causes your settings and data in internal memory will be deleted). Yesterday someone came to me because of her locked phone, which is Lava Iris 702. Hereby some trials that i did to reset her Iris 702:

TRIAL #1: Try Wipe data/cache via Android Recovery

  1. Turn off the phone (by simply take the battery off)
  2. Press Vol Up + Power button at the same time until black screen appears with options: Recovery, Fastboot, Normal
  3. Choose Recovery (use Vol Up to select between options, and Vol Down to OK),  it presents lying android robot but there is no wipe data or such options.
  4. Continue to trial #2

TRIAL #2: Try looking for clear eMMC menu from factory mode

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press Vol Down + Power button at the same time until Factory Mode show up on the screen
  3. There will be menu for several testings
  4. What i don’t understand is, after watching some reset tutorial on Youtube, there should be clear eMMc option right above the ‘Reboot’ menu on Lava Iris 702 Factory Mode. In my case, there is no such option!!
  5. Continue to trial #3 (AND IT SUCCEEDED!!).

TRIAL #3 Try wiping using fastboot command (WARNING: DO THIS WITH YOUR OWN RISK)

Try not to use/test another command that is not given on the following step if you don’t wanna mess around with the system partition and end up looking for a way to flash your smartphone.

  1. The requirements are:
    1. A good working micro USB cable
    2. A Windows computer with all USB MTK drivers installed
    3. Fastboot tool (can be downloaded from AndroidMTK and extract it to any directory)
  2. Run command prompt as administrator and go to extracted folder of Fastboot (there should be fastboot.exe file in the folder)
  3. Enter Fastboot Mode (see TRIAL #1, but this time choose Fastboot instead of Recovery)
  4. Attach your phone to computer using a working micro USB cable
  5. Run the following command in sequence:
    1. fastboot devices (if your computer recognize the device, this command will list your phone with the serial number)
    2. fastboot oem unlock (this is to unlock your bootloader so we can ‘erase’ some partitions on the next steps). After running the command, look at your phone’s screen, it will ask to confirm Yes/No to unlock, in this case you have to choose Yes.
    3. fastboot erase cache
    4. fastboot erase userdata
    5. fastboot format cache
    6. fastboot format userdata
    7. fastboot reboot
  6. The phone will automatically reboot normally and you’ll be asked with Language setting because it has returned to factory default, just like a new phone. Congratulations!! You’ve done a good job to reset the phone.

Have fun and share.

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