What others think about you is none of your business. You can't please everyone, be you and only you.

Razia SIM

Ipung : (...sedang asik mengetik SMS...) Emar : Ngapain Pung? Ipung : Ini, lagi SMS sih Pengki, ngasih tau tadi di prapatan depan ada raJia SIM. (beberapa detik kemudian....) Ipung : Mar, "raJia", pake huruf 'J' atau pake 'Z' yak? Emar : Pake 'R'. Ipung : ???!??!?


One day i've sorted it all, next day it scattered to pieces. Its called my life plan.


I recall when i was resting on broken tree, facing a thick foggy but refreshing air in front of my face. It was so quiet and peaceful. I shouted and it shouted back at me. God I love woods.

Religion is between man and God. Law is between man and the system. Don't mix them up.

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