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Cara Menghilangkan Rekomendasi Artikel pada Chrome

Smart reader, pasti banyak diantara kamu yang menggunakan browser Google Chrome pada smartphone kesayangan. Nah, saat kamu membuka tab Chrome baru, secara default kamu akan disajikan dengan rekomendasi artikel dari beberapa website, seperti contoh di bawah ini.   Buat sebagian orang, fitur tersebut tidak terpakai, atau bahkan malah mengganggu, karena lebih menyukai tab baru yang … Continue reading

How to Reset Factory Default – Lava Iris 702 Smartphone

Warning: This is a DIWYOR article. It is a common problem for someone to forgot their pin/lock/password pattern on android phone. As you may already know, the solution for this is to reset the phone into factory default from android recovery menu or factory mode (which causes your settings and data in internal memory will … Continue reading

How to Fix Signal Issue on Redmi 2 Prime

Warning: This is a DIWYOR article. If you found this article, you’re probably having Redmi 2 Prime in your hand, have upgraded to MIUI 8 recently, and yes, no more signal bar on your mobile phone. Or maybe there is signal, but it keeps losing occasionally. The cause of the issue is that the product … Continue reading