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o my heart, what do you need? o my soul, what are you longing for you’ve been searching for the light, but you wouldn’t let the dark go you’ve been asking for the peace, but you were digging a bigger hole how deep have you fall? or were you buried there all along? you didn’t … Continue reading

Monday’s Mood

  Ribuan kali aku berdiam dalam hening malam, tapi aku tak puas, adakah yang lebih hening?   Ribuan kali aku berkata ya, tapi dunia keparat ini tidak pernah cukup.   Banyak hal bisa aku tinggalkan, banyak hal bisa aku abaikan, wahai manusia jahanam, pikirmu kau istimewa?   Kau hancurkan hak hidupku, kau binasakan semua yang … Continue reading